Central Florida Film and Video Festival

Advertising Information

Framework's Alliance is proud to announce the 14th Annual Central Florida Film and Video Festival. For the past thirteen years our purpose has been to showcase the "independent film and video maker". As Central Florida becomes a larger player in the motion picture industry, we need to remind ourselves of what the independant film and video makers represent: the passion to make films for the sake of the art and the desire to make a meaningful film as opposed to simply a profitable one. In sponsoring this festival, you support that independence and we hope that you will continue to do so in the future.

This year, we have expanded the fesival to include a variety of media artists, involving more participants and audience members as a result.

Projected Exposure

We anticipate an audience of approximately 5,000 and will also be distributing to approximately 500 organizations and filmmakers throughout the country.

Festival Dates & Locations:

Festival Program Mailing Adress:

NEW FL GRAPHICS Attn:Cherie Biederman, Advertising Director 1133 W. Morse Blvd., Suite 201, Winter park, Fl. 32789

Voice: (407)647-8839
Fax: (407)629-2502


Calls concerning the Festival and Sponsoring may be adressed to Jason Neff at: (407)839-6045


General Conditions

  • The Central Florida Film And Video Festival reserves the right to
    cancelor reject any advertising atany time.
  • Any typesetting and Printing alterations will be billed to the advertiser.
  • Cancellation by advertiser must be made by:

  • All rates are subject to change These are price estimates from the 1995 festival
    Program Ad Rates

    Full Page $250
    1/2 Page $135
    1/4 Page $75
    1/8 Page $45
    2 line listing $25
    For 2-color add $50
    Requirements of Program Advertisements

    Ad Size Width Height
    Full Page 5" 8" Horizontal or Vertical
    1/2 Page 5" 4" Horizontal
    1/4 Page 2.5" 4" Vertical
    1/8 Page 4" 2.25" Horizontal

    Prefered Materials

    Please furnish a film negative. 1-color (B/W) right reading emulsion side down. Include a paper print. Line screen is 150. Registration and crop marks should be incorporated into each negative.

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