Central Florida Film and Video Festival

About The Festival Hammer

A Hammer usually represents a tool mostly used in the construction of tangible projects. The Camera, to the filmmaker, is a tool that is part of the entire construction process. Without either one, the construction worker nor the filmmaker can progress too far. The whole concept of this festival is to give recognition to the independent filmmakers who scrape together all their resources in order to communicate their message to you, the viewer. The glass/film plane represents the barriers a filmmaker will incure throughout the production of their film. Whether it be money, crew, talent, or locations, there is usually at least one obsticale that a film will have to overcome. So, the hammer cam smashing through the glass not only expresses that frustration but also symbolizes the overcoming of those barriers in order to accomplish the necessary goals. Originally the Logo was designed to dramatize the independent filmmakers predicament. Since then it has taken on new meaning for the festival committee that is dedicated to making Orlando a distinctive independent film community. Hopefully, this year's festival will gain the respect and recognition from the cultural leaders of the orlando community.

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