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1984 When George Orwell wrote 1984 one of the alternate titles he proposed using was "Last Man In Europe." In order to better understand this novel it is important to examine this optional title. During the ending of 1984, after Winston has been captured, and his torture has begun, there are a number of references to him being a man, and part of humanity. For the party, and to O'Brien there are no individuals, only organisms of the greater party. In this way, O'Brien tells Winston, if he is a man, then he is the last. Orwell, finally chooses to reverse the numbers of the current year 1948 to devise the name 1984. The name "Last Man In Europe" gives insight to what Orwell was really writing about. When the name changed to 1984, his text was safe, and he could no longer be accused of criticizing policies of the current time period.

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