The film 2001 was made in 1968 one year before man first landed on the moon. Yet Arthur C. Clark had been an avid supporter of the space program for a long time. It is remarkable to watch as we see the film's many space scenes including those of the moon, earth, and planets. The Spaceships and astronauts also seem very real, yet this was all imagined before it came to be. People traveled on business to the moon, where one would wear magnetic shoes to keep themselves from floating away into oblivion. The author's idea of the future is very unique. The long space shots, that give us a sence of realism also stress the message of the film. These long scenes along with soothing music, are forms of visual and autable rhetoric. The film has very little dialog, but still the viewer can follow the plot.

In 2001, a five minute phone call from the moon to the Earth is merely $1.70. The future also has remarkable security systems with voice verification. It must have been difficult for clark to speculate the economic state of the future, for he does not take inflation into account. Since the 1960's was a war time period, jobs were rather plentiful, and the economy was not being threatened.The moon colony holds many citizens who work and communicate with their families back home by advanced telephone systems. It is also interesting to note the music and fashion style in 2001, it is almost as if the early 70's has been revisited.

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