Title: Brave New


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Icon: Brave New World According to Aldus Huxley, solving the problem of "Making People happy" is really devising a way to get people to love their servitude. This love for servitude would take a human revolution of the mind and body. The Utopia in a Brave New World, is a society that seems to have found this love of servitude. Huxley suggests to obtain this one must first develop scientifically a more advanced technique of suggestion. In a Brave New World, this technique is infant conditioning. This 'brainwashing of ones thoughts begins in the test tube and ends, at 18. Secondly, one must be content with, and aware of class distinction. The conditioning helps with this. Each child has a predetermined class, then they are conditioned to love their class and work. Third, Huxley suggests, society needs to develop a 'safer' for of alcohol, or narcotics. These drugs aid a citizen as an anti-depressant might. In a Brave New World, one simply pops a Soma, and all the bad thoughts go away. And lastly, a standard for of the human 'machine.'

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