Central Florida Film and Video Festival

1996 Entry Guidlines

I. Entry Procedures

Completely fill out and return the official entry appli-cation for each work entered. Filmmakers may enter as many films or videos as they wish. Be sure to include the appropriate entry fee for each work submitted. All work must be submitted on 1/2 VHS Cassette for preview purposes and postmarked by June 24, 1996.

II. Eligibility

Films and videos of any genre, length, format, and subject matter are acceptable. There is no completion date deadline/requirement. Filmmakers can resubmit work to the festival as long as the film/video being entered has not won an award at a previous Central Florida Film and Video Festival. No commissioned or commercial work will be accepted. Creative control of work must have been retained by its director.

III. Categories

Narratives, Experimentals, Documentaries, Animations, and Music Videos are all welcome. Entrants are required to define their work for logistical purposes only. The festival reserves the right to add, delete, combine, or expand categories. The festival also reserves the right to assign work to a more appropriate category, if considered in the best interest of the work entered.

VI. Publicity

Please send any publicity materials and black & white stills for use in our festival program and in festival publicity. Submission of an entry gives the festival permission to have the artists film or video shown either in part or whole, for educational and publicity purposes. Include synopsis of approximately 25 - 50 words (please use space provided on Entry Form). It s very important that all materials be sent at time of entry so please plan ahead. Our ability to present your work in the best possible manner depends on receiving your materials in the most complete manner.

V. Entry Fee

A non refundable entry fee must accompany each entry. (One entry form per title.) One check or money order (US dollars only) can be issued to cover multiple entries. Entry fees range from $15 to $35, depending on length. Check the appropriate category on the Entry Form. Make checks payable to CFFVF. Late submissions will be accepted at the festival office until July 15, but will require an additional $20 late fee per entry. So please plan ahead. All Florida Filmmakers must provide a photocopy of current Florida I.D. to be eligible for discount.

VI. Shipping

Please carefully label all preview tapes with: your name, film title, running time, and return address. Do not send any tapes in fiber filled envelopes, as they damage tape cassettes and playback equipment. All filmmakers are responsible for postage both to the festival and return postage back to themselves. Preview tapes without return postage will become property of the festival and remain in the festival library. Every precaution will be taken to ensure proper handling of materials submitted. The festival committee, its judges, or its agents cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any film or video entered.

VII. Judging

All entries will receive score sheets and viewer response sheets from the pre-screening festival committee. Each entry will be viewed in its entirety and then rated for general interest, production value, creativity, overall impact, aesthetic and educational value, and treatment of the subject. The final judging will be performed by professionals chosen from the arts and motion picture community of Central Florida. All decisions by the festival committee and its judges are final. Florida filmmakers will have the unique opportunity to compete in a state-level competition as well as competing with other national and international works in their respective categories. All Florida submissions screened during the festival will be chosen by the pre-screening festival committee. Final winners of awards and prizes for Florida submissions will be determined by the public in attendance at the festival.

VIII. Notification

All entries submitted will receive their viewer response sheets and notification of acceptance by August 31, 1996. If selected for exhibition, original/screening formats will be due at the festival office by September 24th. Screenings will be held in the Sun Trust Auditorium at the Orlando Museum of Art as well as other local venues throughout the eleven-day event. Additional inquiries about entry procedures and/or the festival itself should be directed to Brenda Joyner at the address and telephone number listed below.

IX. Awards

Distinctive awards will be given to the top three finishers in each category. The film/video awarded Best of Show will receive the prestigious HammerCam Award - designed by Orlando artist David Cumbie, designer of the NCAA Dick Butkus award. Cash honorarium will range from $100 - $500 and will be presented along with the award to each winning filmmaker attending the Festival. Hotel accommodations for two nights will be provided to all category winners. Winners unable to attend will be honored in their absence and will receive their award and cash honorarium shortly thereafter.

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