Central Florida Film and Video Festival

Our Mission Statement

Frameworks Alliance, a non-profit organization is committed to the film and video of its region, to artists producing independent images, and the cultivation of an engaged audience. It is vital to the cultural development of any community to have the ability and resources to showcase artists who express their personal visions through film and video. Equally important is the existence of a developed audience which seeks out and celebrates these artistic voices. Frameworks Alliance brings artists and audiences together through our annual Central Florida Film and Video Festival-(CFFVF). In 14 years of dedication and hard work, we have become the premiere outlet in Orlando for alternative and independent film and video productions. The Central Florida Film and Video Festival fills a cultural need by providing an opportunity for emerging artists to receive constructive criticism and gain recognition for their work as well as expose the public to greater awareness of film and video as artistic forms of individual expression. In our day and age when funding for such projects is more and more scarce, it becomes increasingly important to support these artists in their endeavors. That's why the Central Florida Film & Video Festival plays such a crucial role in our community today. We invite you to become a 1996 Central Florida Film & Video Festival Sponsor. With your support we can work together to build Orlando's artistic community.

Jason Neff, Festival Director

Central Florida Film & Video Festival

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