Victoria C.Z. Davis

1200-A Neilson St · Berkeley, Ca 94706 · Telephone: (510) 558-1798


I strongly believe in higher education for all people. I am pursuing a position where I can work with faculty, staff, students, and non-traditional learners in a diverse academic environment. I want my contributions to help others achieve their goals.

Current Experience

Masters Institute

April 2000 – December 2000 Manager of Academic Advising for D E / Student Relations

December 1999 – April 2000 Instructor: Distance and Residence – Content Developer

June 1999 – November 1999 Distance Education Academic Advisor

I was in charge of all recruiting, hiring and training of new personnel in the student relations department. This department grew from a staff of 4 to 10 advisors, while enrollment grew from 500 to 1300 students during my stay in this position. I coordinated all schedules, to maintain 24-hour response times and 100% student service. This includes supervising on both macro and micro levels when necessary. I handled all escalated issues, and function as a filter between the executive team and my department. Worked closely with faculty on all student-related problems. I wrote reports on retention and worked on new initiatives to improve these rates. I assist with writing and developing policy for students, faculty and staff. I maintained a caseload of at-risk students. Worked closely with the dean of faculty to project future course loads; assist with instructor assignments, and helped the IT department with all migration issues. This position reports directly to the VP of Education.

Instructors maintain 6-week courses. I taught English and Technology and Society on-line and in the residence school. I was contracted to develop the on-line module of Technology and Society. Worked with VP of Curriculum to implement on-line Psychology class, and was the first on-line instructor for this course. Attended a number of in-house training for both advising and teaching. Advisors work with distance students via e-mail and telephone. Provided orientation for students. Did registration each module. Updated and entered new records, processed extension, leave of absence, and drop forms. Monitored attendance and satisfactory progress daily. This is done with the Oracle, Informix, Excel, and Access databases. Interface between faculty, administrators, and students.

Skills and Qualifications

· Extremely organized and excellent multitasking abilities. I am very flexible.

· I have Exception knowledge of distance education and related electronic and digital technology.




University of Central Florida

Graduated December, 1997 UCF Honors Program, 3.41 GPA

BA Communications - Radio/Television

BA English - Literature/Creative Writing

Brandon High School

Graduated May, 1993 Florida Academic Scholars, 4.9 GPA

Awards and Special Activities

UCF Virtual Reality Research Team Public Relations, Vice President

International Beta Society Vice President

National Honor Society Active Member

International Thespian Society Officer - won several awards.

Yearbook Staff Section Editor

Siggraph ’94 ’96 ’00 Exhibitor, Attendee

Past Experience

AT&T Wireless Services

February 1998 - October 1998 Customer Care

Worked with existing wireless customers who had current billing and technical problems. Basic troubleshooting skills for most wireless phones including the Nokia 6160. Extensive use of the CYPRS technical support system, promoted to assist with training of co-workers in CYPRS.

UCF In Print

January 1997 - May 1997 Opinion Section Editor

In Print was an Independent College newspaper that shut down in May 1997 due to lack of funds and support from the University. During this semester, I was in charge of finding writers, editing articles, layout of the opinion section using PageMaker, and writing articles when necessary.

Cox Radio Orlando WMMO - WHTQ - WHOO

August 1996 - December 1997 Part-Time Administration

Programming and music director’s assistant. Learned Selector software and helped organize music library. Moved to Traffic Department and placed in charge of all co-op billing, special programming and affidavits. Gained additional experience as sales assistant and receptionist.

UCF Computing Support

May 1996 - December 1997 Computer Consultant

Duties included instructing students in the use of Macintosh, Unix, and Windows machines. Aided and trained in the use of all software packages licensed to the university. Also assisted with e-mail and the Internet.

WUCF 89.9 FM

August 1993 - December 1993 Afternoon DJ Assistant

August 1995 - June 1997 Webmaster

Designed and created WUCF Internet web server and HTML pages on a Macintosh system. I maintained this server, its access, and pages. Set up FTP access, Internic name, and consulted on equipment purchases.


UCF Distributed Learning

August 1996 - March 1997 HTML Author

Worked on HTML design for on-line courses at UCF. Provided maintenance for the Distributed Learning Center Pages. Worked with faculty in a training capacity during their transition from a traditional classroom to a virtual environment. Assisted with the design of new curriculum, and the facilitation of on-line discussions

WOMX 105.1 FM

January 1996 - May 1996 Intern

Production Assistant: Wrote copy, dubbed and edited spots, organizational duties.

Created Emergency Reel. Voice development. Digitally edited promos.


August 1995 - June 1996 HTML Author

Authored extensive web site with cgi-bin, forms, and image maps. Extensive work with Unix and httpd server.

Central Florida Film & Video Festival

October 1994 - August 1996 Webmaster

Created and designed web pages for film festival. Including organization of extensive materials, scanning of photographs, and writing text. Backgrounds and logos were designed using Fractal Design Painter and Truespace. Much of the information on the web site was not originally in a digital format.

Kinko's Copies

January 1993 - August 1993 Brandon, Evening Lead

August 1993 - January 1994 Orlando, Night Supervisor

Helped customers use Kinko’s computer stations. Provided desktop publishing skills. Customer Service including layout and design of projects for individuals and corporations. Assisted with customers copying needs, including color and large format. Worked with safe, money handling and as the cashier.

WBDN 760 AM Talk Radio, Tampa

February 1993 - August 1993 Graveyard Board Operator

Supervised the over-night facility. Answered listener calls, played commercials using carts. Worked with satellite and news feeds.